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Three Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Garbage Bin

A common problem that many homeowners will encounter is the garbage bin being targeted by pests. Whether these are raccoons, squirrels or stray dogs, it is necessary to take steps to prevent them from spreading garbage around your yard. Sadly, there are many homeowners that are unaware of some of the simple steps that they can take to prevent pests from getting into the garbage bin.

Invest In A Lock For The Lid

Simply placing the lid on the garbage bin may not be enough to prevent animals from reaching the trash. There are many animals that are strong enough and intelligent enough to eventually figure out how to remove an unsecured lid from the bin.

To prevent these animals from removing the lid, you should invest in a lid lock. These are devices that can be attached to the garbage can, and they will firmly hold the lid in place. While these lids can prevent animals from getting inside the garbage bin, you will need to remember to remove it on garbage day to ensure that the bin can be emptied. Otherwise, you may find that your garbage can was skipped.

Apply A Small Amount Of Ammonia To The Bin

Unfortunately, your garbage bin may not be able to accommodate the use of a lid lock. When this is the case, you can discourage animal and insect activity by applying a small amount of ammonia to the garbage bin before putting trash in it. The smell of the ammonia will help to drive away any unwanted pests.

Keep The Bin As Clean As Possible

Another simple way to dissuade pests from targeting your garbage bin is to keep it as clean as possible. This will help ensure that the odors coming from it are kept to a minimum, which can dramatically reduce its attractiveness to unwanted pests. Fortunately, this will not require an intensive cleaning, but rather you can simply fill the bin with a mixture of water and bleach to sanitize and deodorize it. By doing this on a weekly basis, you can make sure that your dumpster stays clean.

Protecting your garbage bin from animal activity can be a seemingly difficult challenge to do. Homeowners will often underestimate the intelligence of the pests they are trying to keep out, but if you use these three tips you can help ensure that your bin is as safe as it can be from this routine problem.

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