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Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Safe Collection Tips

Scrap metal recycling is an incredibly valuable process. Not only is there the potential for your company to earn money from the process, but you also have an awareness that you're doing something good for the environment. Given the benefits, it's easy to jump right into the collection process without any preparation. However, it's essential you keep safety in mind when collecting industrial scrap metal. Learn what important safety measures you must take before you begin the industrial scrap metal pickup process.

Steel-Toe Boots

Ensure your team members wear solid foot protection when they collect the scrap metal pieces. During the collection process, there are a number of things that can occur. First, someone could step on a sharp object like a nail. If they are not wearing the right type of footwear, the nail could go through their shoe and into their foot. 

Second, a massive piece of scrap metal could fall onto a person's foot. Again, without the appropriate footwear, the weight of the metal could break a bone on the person's foot. Demand that your team wears steel-toe working boots whenever they collect the metal pieces to ensure their feet are protected. 

Back Brace

Industrial scrap metal pieces are typically larger in size and in weight than the metal people recycle from their homes. Consequently, there is a more significant threat of injuring your back during the process, such as pulling a muscle. If an employee was to injure their back during the process, remember, since they are still performing a work-related duty, you could be responsible for their injuries. 

Keep your employees safer and ensure they're well enough to work by providing a back brace for each person participating in the collection process to wear. 


During the scrapping process, the hands perform the most work. As a result, a person's hands are also in the most amount of danger. When a person picks up a piece of metal, they could cut their hand if not careful. Depending on where the metal was used, there is also the threat that the metal might have a chemical or other substance on it.

Make sure you provide your employees with a pair of gloves to wear during the process to ensure their hands are safeguarded.

Safety is a top priority in the day-to-day operation of your business, so ensure you keep the same frame of mind when it comes to collecting your industrial scrap metal pieces for transport to a recycling center.