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Things To Know About Burner Fuel Recycling

If you need to buy burner fuel, you may have seen companies that offer recycled burner fuel as an option. The issue for many people is they are not sure how burner fuel recycling works and what quality of recycled fuel they will receive. Here are a few things to know about this type of fuel option before you buy.

Re-refined Oil

The first thing you need to know about buying recycled burner fuel or recycling used oil is what re-refined oil refers to. When you buy a recycled oil, you will see it marked as or referred to as re-refined. What this refers to is the used oil being sent to an oil refinery and put through the refining process again. This process removes any issues or impurities with the oil in much the same way as the original refining process did. The result is an oil that closely matches the same purity levels as new or virgin oil.

Quality of the Oil

The concern for many people who have never purchased recycled oil is the quality of the oil. The truth is, if the oil is re-refined properly it has to meet the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines on oil recycling. This means that the end result is of high quality and can give you the same results as new oil at a lower cost. The only issue that may arise with the recycled oil is the lifespan of the oil and if it can be recycled again.

Recycling Burner Fuel

If you are looking to recycle the burner fuel you have as well as buy recycled oil, then you should know how to dispose of the oil at a recycling center. The first thing you will need to do is find an oil recycling site near you. These sites must be certified and meet the guidelines as a used oil collection and recycling center. Each location has different methods for how they want to receive the oil. Most will take it in a leak proof container, but some may have specific containers they want you to use.

These are just a few of the key points you need to know about burner fuel recycling and the type of fuel you will receive through buying recycled fuel. If you think that a recycled option will work for your needs, contact your local fuel recycling dealer. They can help with questions and can offer you assistance if you have used fuel you would like to recycle as well as purchase information for the fuel you need.